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  • Continental GP 5000 Tan 25c 16,600.00

    The new era in cycling

    1 in stock

  • Kenda Kadence Elite Tyre 5,250.00

    Kenda’s entry level road tire is perfect for the training rides and stock tire replacement.

    • 60tpi lightweight casing for a blend of performance and affordability.
    • Iron Cap (ICP) – features a layer of sub-tread puncture protection for minimal cost and weight addition.

    Size Available 23c / 25c / 28c

  • -13%Limited
    Kenda Kountach Endurance 8,000.00

    The Kountach Endurance is one of the lightest dual layer flat protection tires on the market. It sets a new standard in puncture protection.

    • Features Endurance One (E1) puncture protection – the same material used in K-Armor is laid from bead to bead and topped with yet another layer of K-Armor under the tread.
    • Reflective Hot Patch (RHP) for nighttime visability.

    Size Available 28 c

  • -13%Limited
    Kenda Kriterium Endurance Tyre 10,500.00

    This versatile tire can do it all, from training to racing. With Endurance Two (E2), it offers reliable performance with an extra portion of flat resistance.

    • Grooved slick design
    • Endurance Two (E2) puncture protection – K-Armor bead to bead protection is topped with a layer of K-Shield for additional puncture protection.
    • Reflective Hot Patch (RHP) for nighttime visability.

    Available in 25c only

  • Kenda Tube Presta Valve 2,200.00

    Road bike Tube

  • -13%Limited
    Kenda Valkyrie pro Tyre 10,500.00

    The Valkyrie is Kenda’s high performance road tire – fast, reliable and light. It offers excellent rolling resistance, superior wet and dry grip and a very high level of puncture resistance.

    Available in 25c and 30c

  • -18%Limited
    Maxxis detonator 32c 4,500.00



    This road riding bicycle tyre is designed for race training, commuting or hobby riding in both summer and winter.

    • Suitable for use all year round
    • Highly durable compound
    • Soft outer edges for grip, flex, and comfort
    • Puncture resistant thanks to Silkworm technology
    • Perfect for road riding and race training
  • Maxxis MTB Tube 1,950.00

    Maxxis WelterWeight Plus MTB Tube

  • SaleLimited
    maxxis pace 4,500.00



    The Maxxis Pace uses small, tightly spaced knobs to create a tire with low rolling resistance. Originally intended for XC use, the Pace has proven to work well for slopestyle, pump track, and dirt jumping.

    • Single or dual compound options
    • 60 TPI casing
    • SilkShield or EXO puncture protection options
    • Select specs are Tubeless Ready (TR), confirmed in the table below

    Category: XC Race, XC

    Recommended use: Dry XC conditions, groomed tracks, and jumps

    Recommended installation: Front or Rear

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  • -20%Limited
    Maxxis Padrone Tubeless Tyre 23c 7,000.00

    This tubeless road racing bicycle tyre is designed to be light with low rolling resistance for the ultimate road cycling experience.

    Very low rolling resistance
    A lightweight tyre
    Tubeless-ready road cycling tyre
    Puncture-resistant tread
    Perfect for racing

  • Maxxis Rouler 28c 6,600.00

    Pro road competition tire
    Silkworm Puncture Protection
    A lightweight, supple and race-ready tire available in a rainbow of colors. The Rouler features a 120 TPI casing for a smooth ride, a Silkworm breaker for puncture protection and a dual compound tread pattern for improved cornering performance.

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