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Oversized Pulley System For SHIMANO Dura-Ace, Ultegra

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TOKEN Shuriken Oversized Pulley System

We Value Efficiency As Much As You Do


The Shuriken oversized pulley system was engineered for maximum performance and designed to increase the efficiency of the drivetrain on any bike. The larger diameter of the pulley allows the oversized pulley system to rotate at lower RPM and reduces the articulation angle of the chain, lowering drivetrain friction. The TBT bearings inside the pulleys are filled with specially developed light grease to keep drag low to minimize drag. The carbon fiber cage and hardened steel / dura-aluminum hardware create a light and strong foundation for the system. The pulleys are made of dura-aluminum and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated for long-lasting low friction and clean aesthetics. A purpose-specified tooth profile ensures crisp shifting and super smooth running. Upgrading to the Shuriken oversized pulley system allows you to add drivetrain capacity to a short cage derailleur, and enables running a larger cassette with an expanded gear range. Ride easier and longer with the Shuriken oversized pulley system.


5 Year Warranty



PULLEY WHEEL Upper 12T, lower 19T
RD COMPATIBILITY SHIMANO R9100, R9150(Di2), R8000, R8050(Di2)
DRIVETRAIN CAPACITY 16T (chainring) + 23T (cassette)
WEIGHT 69.5 g / set
PLATE MATERIAL Matte 3K carbon
PULLEY MATERIAL Aluminum with titanium coating
COLOURS Matte Carbon
Black (PVD)
Gold (PVD)


Q: Why do I need an oversize pulley system?
A: Shuriken oversized pulley system improves the drivetrain efficiency regardless of speed, power, and riding condition.

Q: What’s the main feature of the TOKEN Shuriken Oversize Pulley?
A: Token Shuriken oversized pulley system is designed for maximum performance without no compromise.
‐ Specially‐developed grease-filled TBT ceramic bearings for durability and low friction.
‐ Function‐specified tooth profile for quick shifting of the top pulley, and super‐smooth running off the bottom pulley.
‐ PVD (physical vapor deposition) coated pulleys for long‐lasting low friction and aesthetics.
‐ Three B knuckle spring attaching holes for a wide range of chain tension adjustment.

Q: Can I install it by myself? And if so, how?
A: The Shuriken pulley system can be installed by an experienced mechanic. Be sure to use high-quality tools – such as the T15 (Torx) tool for Shimano versions.


Q: Do I need to change the chain when installing the oversize pulley?
A: Although it needs two extra chain links on average, we recommend keeping the original chain length first. Once the pulley is installed try all gears carefully and see if it is needed to add extra chain links or use a completely new chain.

Q: Why do some of the TOKEN Shuriken models have the largest pulleys in the market, while others don’t?
A: We all know that a bigger pulley has lower drag as it spins slower. However, the top pulley has structural limits. Derailleur design varies – the largest top pulley that each derailleur can accommodate are different, and it’s not worth trade-off shifting performance for that marginal gain. Pulley size is just one of the factors – bearing technology, pulley tooth profile, and surface treatment all matter. All Shuriken models are designed not only for efficiency but also for best shifting performance and easy adjustment.

Q: Most of the alloy pulleys are noisy. How does TOKEN overcome the noise issue?
A: Chain noise comes from the bottom pulley most of the time as the chain enters it at various angles. The 19T bottom pulley of Shuriken is designed for super-smooth running and is as quiet as a plastic pulley.

Q: Would it affect the shifting performance?
A: No. With a little adjustment, the Shuriken oversized pulley system shifts perfectly every time.

Q: How should I maintain the Shuriken Oversize Pulley?
A: We recommend disassembling the Shuriken oversized pulley system, opening the seal, and regreasing the bearings every 2,000km. The maintenance interval should be shorter when riding in rainy or muddy conditions frequently.

Q: Do the Shimano versions of the Shuriken oversize pulley system (such as TK1729S and TK1729R7) compatible with Shimano’s older generation derailleurs?
A: No. Current Shimano road derailleurs are structurally different from older generations, and the derailleur cage is not interchangeable.

Q: Do the Shimano versions of the Shuriken oversize pulley system (such as TK1729S and TK1729R7) compatible with the Ultegra RX derailer with the clutch?
A: No, Ultegra RX is more MTB-oriented from the design point of view, a lot of parts are different from road models. In fact, the Ultegra RX could be considered “pre-GRX” despite it being named Ultegra.

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